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Afghanistan Beyond 2014: The international community must sustain a "fairly robust aid network" in Afghanistan after US troops withdraw in 2014 in order to ensure that the country doesn't revert to a safe haven for terrorists, said Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis, head of US Central Command. Speaking before the House Armed Services Committee last week, Mattis said the process of helping the Afghans reach self-sufficiency has been difficult since Afghanistan was a nation "where literacy and any kind of governmental organization [was] totally lacking." However, the need for foreign aid will eventually taper off as the Afghan economy grows, he noted. "Afghanistan is starting to get some economic vitality showing up from extraction industries," said Mattis. Its education system, he continued, is starting to churn out people "directly employable to do things that are more than just subsistent farming." He said the United States and its coalition partners have helped build logistics schools for the Afghan military so that it can "maintain the military infrastructure and equipment we're giving them." (Mattis' written statement)

  • Jay says...

    I wish him luck and a speedy and safe rerutn.Totally un connected to Your son’s posting there:I think leave the Afghans well alone at home. The brighter, more ambitious and more independent minded ones will leave.The process will be something like that between the former east and west halves of Germany. The successful were either dispossessed and got the hell out to the West (or landed in mass graves), resulting in about a 10 point difference in average IQ between the two halves developing in a period of around 40 years. Collapse of the commie system was inevitable, and it could never have sustained a long conflict against anyone – as shown by their adventures into afghanistan.I’m guessing that the huge Afghan diaspora from the time the commies were in there has already raised the average iq’s of neighbouring Iran and Pakistan (currently estimated at around 80 to 85 points), and significantly dropped the Afghan average below that level(85 is borderline for going into the the remedial – special needs class).Leave them to themselves, the carriers of the genes and memes for higher intelligence will all gradually leave behind the country and its remaining residue of indigenous inhabitants will be too poor (too thick) and too mal nourished to represent a realistic threat to anyone.I’m seriously doubting whether democracy can work for us in the west. I don’t think it is even worth trying in Afghanistan.

    On May 01, 2012

  • Karen Stenger says...

    What can we do to help support the educational goals of the Afghan people?

    To what address are school supplies to be shipped?

    On Mar 14, 2012

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