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The last 3 months have been a troublesome time for the United States military and its’ coalition partners in Afghanistan. The relationship between the two allies is strained to say the least and public opinion for our efforts in Afghanistan is shaky as a result. Most recently, the Quran burning mistake and the horrendous act of a single rouge soldier have highlighted the United States and our military in a bad way. Unfortunately, the world’s perceptions reflect only what they are able to witness and as long as the media continues to tell only the bad stories, good stories like ours at Flying Scarfs will never be told.

Help us; help the Afghans and Americans, by telling our story. People around the world need to know that there are many American service members who care about the plight of the Afghan people and are actively doing something, both within, and outside their mandate to help them. Hopefully, Americans and Afghans can look beyond the Quran burning mistake and the acts of a rogue soldier and see the good that so many people in and out of uniform are doing for both countries. Everyday, there are thousands of service men and women doing good things for the people of Afghanistan, we at Flying Scarfs represent just a small fraction. Help us tell the “good stories” so that the negative does not continually shape the media and ultimately the world’s opinions.
  • Carol Love says...

    I received 2 of these scarves as a gift. They are absolutely stunning!!! They have such intricate beading detailed on each one that they just glimmer! Thank you Joey and gang for seeing the future need of these precious people. And also- thank you for bringing “pause” to those of us who have not had to worry about our basic needs, as some of these women have. I will wear these proudly and spread the word about your great mission!I

    On May 10, 2012

  • Richard Mauntel says...

    You guys are the best of US. Keep doing what you are doing. A difference will be made.

    On Mar 16, 2012

  • Karen Stenger says...

    Everyone I know in Florida and Ohio absolutely LOVES and SUPPORTS what you’re doing!!

    The GOOD NEWS of your mission to help others is spreading like wildfire!

    Thanks to you, we now have the rare opportunity to own original artistic creations designed and hand-crafted by the wonderful people of Afghanistan!

    My dream is to someday have the opportunity to travel to Afghanistan and meet the lovely people who work so hard to bring such elegant beauty into the world!

    We have so much to learn from the Afghan people.
    I look forward to the day the people of America and Afghanistan can travel freely and interact with eachother in peace and harmony.

    I am so grateful to the Afghan people for their willingness to open their hearts and share with us a part of their precious culture, the original Afghan Scarf.

    Each scarf I have ( appx. 2 dozen) is a hand-made, original, and unique, a true work of art which reflects the precision and detail of each skilled artisan.

    Please let the people of Afghanistan know how much we love each one and that we sincerely appreciate everything they are doing to make Afghanistan a happy and productive country for their children to enjoy.

    On Mar 14, 2012

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