Aid vs. Employment

The average American making $40,000 pays $1,694 a year in taxes for the military operations in Afghanistan. How much of that money is paid directly to the women there in the form of wages? Zero.

This conundrum can best be expressed through the comparison between “output vs. outcomes.” Is the money being spent in Afghanistan going to quantifiable results or is it simply monetary foreign aid that never makes it into the hands of the Afghan people who need it the most? We believe it’s the latter.

Flying Scarfs is one of the purest mechanisms of ensuring the delivery of much needed capital to the Afghan people. The money that they earn by selling their handicrafts goes directly back into their economy, thus fulfilling a much-needed gap where governmental supplements struggle to succeed.

We can’t say for certain where your tax dollars go, but we can tell you that by purchasing a $30 scarf which amounts to a weeks worth of work or for an Afghan woman, you are giving her a job and allowing her to be a productive member of her community.


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Kathleen Perry-Abdaoui on

Please I need to know how I can become a part of the Afghanistan women and become involved with helping. I need to help and find a rewarding place in my heart by giving myself to helping others. Please let me know how I can be part of the organization.

Thank you, God Bless,
Kathleen Perry-Abdaoui

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