A girl's courage

Such a tragedy. The Taliban were afraid of this 14 year old girl and attempted to kill her. Read more about this story HERE.

  • Jonathan Hudgins says...

    I am sorry that you are beginning to regret your purchase. I would offer for you to read the text above once more, it says: “The Taliban were afraid of this 14 year old girl and ATTEMPTED to kill her.” It is true that she was NOT killed and is recovering as the article states. I’d like to re-iterate that this organization was formed to bring awareness to the plight of the Afghan women and to help their situation through online sales of their scarfs. If by posting a CNN story about Malala does in fact result in increased awareness of the violence against women in Central Asia and causes someone to purchase one of their scarfs, I consider this a good thing. Flying Scarfs is a non-profit social enterprise whereby all profits go back to the people of Afghanistan. Thanks again for your support and your purchase, I hope this helps clarify.

    Jonathan Hudgins

    On Jan 18, 2013

  • Debbie G says...

    You need to check your facts. Malala Yousufzai, the girl pictured, was not killed. She was shot in the head and was critically wounded, however, she is slowly recuperating. Sad that you would try to hype the facts of this girl’s plight to sell more scarves. I am beginning to regret my purchase.

    On Dec 20, 2012

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