Reflections on Haiti

Co-founders Jon, Josh and Ryan recently returned from their trip to Haiti. In a short amount of time they were able to use their talents to empower the local village of Montrouis.  Here is an update of what they accomplished:

1. Met with two local school masters and purchased $1600 worth of supplies in downtown Port-au-Prince. Included in the purchase were every day items that they desperately needed: (dictionaries, encyclopedia's, books, atlases, instructional wall posters etc.)

2. On day two they recognized the horrible trash situation throughout all of Haiti. Therefore, they invested in a startup recycling business by providing a $400 micro-loan to a entrepreneur they encouraged named Remy. 

3. The medical team that they travelled with served over 600 patients in two clinics over a week. 

4. They found two local artisans who we will be partnering with soon to sell their goods.

5. Soon they will be setting up a crowd funding effort in order to support a local Haitian Acapella musical group. 

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