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Empowering Women


A huge THANK YOU goes out to ABC News for doing a great piece on our organization. If you would like to see the entire episode on Second Tour, click HERE


What is the return on investment for the $56 billion that the US spends on Foreign Aid? Co-Founder Josh Carroll argues that some of that money could be better spent by empowering women in Afghanistan. Check out his article published in the John Q. Public Blog by clicking HERE. 

Paying the Price

If we can't get people to care about Afghanistan now, what does that say for the country's future? Co-Founder Josh Carroll weighs in on the apathy felt by many Americans and why they have more invested in the country than they think. Read his latest article posted in the Joint Security Blog HERE

The Greatest Generation 2.0?

Did you know that all of the Flying Scarfs Co-Founders are veterans? CEO Jonathan Hudgins writes about the "New" Greatest Generation at the Millennial Veteran Project. Check it out HERE.  

Poverty as a Threat to Peace

Co-Founder Josh Carroll has recently been a guest contributor to the Joint Security Blog. Read his article about social entrepreneurship and security by clicking HERE

Flying Scarfs at Carolina Fest 2012


Flying Scarfs had our best day yet at Carolina Fest 2012! Thanks to all who stopped by our tent to learn more about our organization and special thanks to those who purchased a scarf or T-shirt!

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Take a Look at our New Inventory


Check out our newest scarfs that should be in the U.S. next month. Pashmina with beautiful leopard print. We also have handcrafted pashminas out of popular demand. Also, if you haven't liked our facebook page yet, please do so! We have a promotion all weekend where we're trying to reach 200 "Likes." One of those lucky 200 will get a free scarf if we can make that number! Click HERE for our page.

We Sell Scarfs To Employ Women


They say that the unemployment rate in Afghanistan is upwards of 40% and growing...NOT if we have any say in it. Purchase a scarf today and let's put poverty in it's place..."In the History Books!"

She Gets Knocked Down, but She Gets Up Again!


As the Olympic games approach this Saturday for opening ceremonies, this is a great story of Afghan spirit! Click HERE for the full story.

The Journey continues...

Afghan's Mona Lisa


In 1985, photographer Steve McCurry took a picture of an Afghan orphan at age 12 (left). A decade later he found her at age 30 (right). He has won many awards for his remarkable photograph and the impression it left with its viewers. We can only imagine how difficult of a life it must have been for this woman (Sharbat Gula).