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At Flying Scarfs we use the term Empowerment as our rallying cry. We have seen the effects of using it as a tool to drive results in each of our endeavors. Whether we're in Afghanistan, Haiti, Kenya or back home in the US, empowerment is more than just a word we throw around...it's the future. Check out our latest piece at the Millennial Veteran Project by clicking HERE

Kenya Trip

It is difficult to think of the right adjectives to describe our trip to Kenya. There were so many highs and lows, that to summarize it all in one day would not do it justice. As we continue to expand our business model to all parts of the globe, our vision and mission statement remain the same...


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What is the return on investment for the $56 billion that the US spends on Foreign Aid? Co-Founder Josh Carroll argues that some of that money could be better spent by empowering women in Afghanistan. Check out his article published in the John Q. Public Blog by clicking HERE. 

The Greatest Generation 2.0?

Did you know that all of the Flying Scarfs Co-Founders are veterans? CEO Jonathan Hudgins writes about the "New" Greatest Generation at the Millennial Veteran Project. Check it out HERE.  


As many of our supporters are aware, Flying Scarfs is an international development organization aimed at ending poverty. While we started in Afghanistan, our goal was always to expand into other regions of the world. This July we are taking our concept of social business to Kenya. Since we are a non-profit and none of our staff receive financial compensation, we are trying our best to raise enough through "crowd funding." If you would like to donate to our trip please see our fundraising page by clicking HERE

Economic Development Trip to Haiti

When we first set out to create Flying Scarfs a year ago, our plan was always to have a worldwide impact. With your generosity through our business sucess in Afghanistan, we believe the opportunity is ripe for us to expand our influence into Haiti. We believe our micro-economic model of exporting fair trade handicrafts created in developing nations back to the U.S. can be replicated. When we got the call from www.togetherwecaninc.org to help them with their trip to Haiti, we jumped at the prospect. With your continued support we can ensure that we are continuing to serve through our entrepreneur spirit in every corner of the globe where hard work is awaiting opportunity. Help us get there by donating to our trip HERE.

Flying Scarfs at Carolina Fest 2012


Flying Scarfs had our best day yet at Carolina Fest 2012! Thanks to all who stopped by our tent to learn more about our organization and special thanks to those who purchased a scarf or T-shirt!

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Carolina Fest 2012


What do Flying Scarfs and James Taylor have in common? We'll both be at Carolina Fest! We are so excited to be a part of the festivities in Charlotte! If your in the area please drop by. We'll be selling, signing and maybe even giving away a few scarfs. Any James Taylor fans out there? Check it out HERE

Flying Scarfs Featured in the Outer Banks Sentinel


Manteo High School graduate and Flying Scarfs President, Jon Hudgins was featured in the Outer Banks Sentinel. To read more about him, click HERE.