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Peace Trade

We are proud to announce the launch of our new veteran led "Social Venture Capital" business. The focus of this venture is aimed towards groups who are stability focused and are looking for assistance in getting involved in "Peace Capitalism." The Peace Trade logo is symbolism that the product you choose to buy is helping create stability in war-torn or poverty stricken regions around the globe. To learn more check out the site by clicking HERE


What is the return on investment for the $56 billion that the US spends on Foreign Aid? Co-Founder Josh Carroll argues that some of that money could be better spent by empowering women in Afghanistan. Check out his article published in the John Q. Public Blog by clicking HERE. 

Poverty as a Threat to Peace

Co-Founder Josh Carroll has recently been a guest contributor to the Joint Security Blog. Read his article about social entrepreneurship and security by clicking HERE

How It All Began


The books that inspired us from the beginning. Definitely worth a read if you get a chance!