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At Flying Scarfs we use the term Empowerment as our rallying cry. We have seen the effects of using it as a tool to drive results in each of our endeavors. Whether we're in Afghanistan, Haiti, Kenya or back home in the US, empowerment is more than just a word we throw around...it's the future. Check out our latest piece at the Millennial Veteran Project by clicking HERE

Empowering Women


A huge THANK YOU goes out to ABC News for doing a great piece on our organization. If you would like to see the entire episode on Second Tour, click HERE

Best Fair Trade Store in Raleigh (Beleza)

Today we had a wonderful visit with a fair trade boutique called Beleza in Cameron Village, Raleigh, NC. We spoke to the two owners Philip and Sara Dail about business and walked away with a great partnership that we hope to continue to forge for the years to come.  Hopefully they will carry our scarfs their one day soon! Please visit our great partners HERE

Flying Scarfs at Carolina Fest 2012


Flying Scarfs had our best day yet at Carolina Fest 2012! Thanks to all who stopped by our tent to learn more about our organization and special thanks to those who purchased a scarf or T-shirt!

Read entire article.

Carolina Fest 2012


What do Flying Scarfs and James Taylor have in common? We'll both be at Carolina Fest! We are so excited to be a part of the festivities in Charlotte! If your in the area please drop by. We'll be selling, signing and maybe even giving away a few scarfs. Any James Taylor fans out there? Check it out HERE

We Sell Scarfs To Employ Women


They say that the unemployment rate in Afghanistan is upwards of 40% and growing...NOT if we have any say in it. Purchase a scarf today and let's put poverty in it's place..."In the History Books!"

Saving Face


The struggles continue for the women of Afghanistan. Help us improve their lives. Read this store HERE.


Afghan's Mona Lisa


In 1985, photographer Steve McCurry took a picture of an Afghan orphan at age 12 (left). A decade later he found her at age 30 (right). He has won many awards for his remarkable photograph and the impression it left with its viewers. We can only imagine how difficult of a life it must have been for this woman (Sharbat Gula).

Afghan Women say Enough!

The women of Afghanistan took to the streets in their nation's capital last week to protest the harassment by men. They have decided to take control of their own destiny. Click HERE for the entire story. Buy a scarf as a sign of solidarity!

Flying Scarfs in the News again!

 Flying Scarfs continues to make make the news! Check out the great article written for the Laconia Daily Sun!