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At Flying Scarfs we use the term Empowerment as our rallying cry. We have seen the effects of using it as a tool to drive results in each of our endeavors. Whether we're in Afghanistan, Haiti, Kenya or back home in the US, empowerment is more than just a word we throw around...it's the future. Check out our latest piece at the Millennial Veteran Project by clicking HERE

Empowering Women


A huge THANK YOU goes out to ABC News for doing a great piece on our organization. If you would like to see the entire episode on Second Tour, click HERE

Involuntary Service

We are no strangers to National Service. We are creating new paradigms by defining what "service" means in the 21st century for millennials. Find out what Co-Founder Josh Carroll has to say as he weighs in on the discussion being held at this week's Aspen Institute. His latest piece is featured in Spirit of War. Check it out by clicking HERE