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Peace Trade

We are proud to announce the launch of our new veteran led "Social Venture Capital" business. The focus of this venture is aimed towards groups who are stability focused and are looking for assistance in getting involved in "Peace Capitalism." The Peace Trade logo is symbolism that the product you choose to buy is helping create stability in war-torn or poverty stricken regions around the globe. To learn more check out the site by clicking HERE


At Flying Scarfs we use the term Empowerment as our rallying cry. We have seen the effects of using it as a tool to drive results in each of our endeavors. Whether we're in Afghanistan, Haiti, Kenya or back home in the US, empowerment is more than just a word we throw around...it's the future. Check out our latest piece at the Millennial Veteran Project by clicking HERE

Empowering Women


A huge THANK YOU goes out to ABC News for doing a great piece on our organization. If you would like to see the entire episode on Second Tour, click HERE

Poverty as a Threat to Peace

Co-Founder Josh Carroll has recently been a guest contributor to the Joint Security Blog. Read his article about social entrepreneurship and security by clicking HERE


As many of our supporters are aware, Flying Scarfs is an international development organization aimed at ending poverty. While we started in Afghanistan, our goal was always to expand into other regions of the world. This July we are taking our concept of social business to Kenya. Since we are a non-profit and none of our staff receive financial compensation, we are trying our best to raise enough through "crowd funding." If you would like to donate to our trip please see our fundraising page by clicking HERE

Take a Look at our New Inventory


Check out our newest scarfs that should be in the U.S. next month. Pashmina with beautiful leopard print. We also have handcrafted pashminas out of popular demand. Also, if you haven't liked our facebook page yet, please do so! We have a promotion all weekend where we're trying to reach 200 "Likes." One of those lucky 200 will get a free scarf if we can make that number! Click HERE for our page.

How It All Began


The books that inspired us from the beginning. Definitely worth a read if you get a chance!