Egyptian Bronze Silk - Assorted Styles



Our Egyptian Bronze Silk is handwoven with generous amounts of light, luminescent silk. From start to finish, this silk scarf is sourced, designed, and handwoven in Afghanistan. From beginning-to-end, this silk scarf is sourced, designed, and handwoven in Afghanistan. 

Each of our scarves comes beautifully gift boxed, and your purchase changes someone's life. For our silk scarves, we've partnered with Zaanha, an organization which employs Afghan artisans and provides fair wages in exchange for artisan goods. 100% of the profit from your purchase goes directly to a fund that keeps Afghan children in school and away from violent organizations. 

Length: 70 in
Width: 22 in
Material: 100% Afghan silk

Please note: As each scarf is individually handmade, measurements may vary slightly.

Flying Scarfs is an all-volunteer, veteran-operated non-profit organization.