At Flying Scarfs, our goal is to provide self-sustaining economic opportunities which enhances the quality of lives for our Afghan, Haitian and Kenyan partners. We do this by empowerment and employment through micro-economic incentives. In addition to the products that we sell online and in stores we accept donations to help support other causes near to our hearts like education, medical assistance, agribusiness and micro lending for startups and more. We believe that each dollar invested with our partners around the world is a crucial investment in their long-term future for both their families and communities.

Each country that we do business in has its own set of problems. Our aim is to be part of the solution, regardless of what we have done in the past. In Haiti for instance, the trash and pollution problem that we saw in certain communities was devastating. The lack of an adequate waste management system led way to even greater problems with sanitation and hygiene. Thus, we gave a $500 micro-loan to an individual in order to start a business collecting the trash around the community. His business is called "Remy-Recycle." 

Most recently we financed a micro-loan to a group of widowed women in Kenya. They started with 10,000 Shillings ($125) in 2011 and two years later their organization has 64,000 Shillings ($800) in their account. That's more than a 500% increase in two years! We'd like to know a hedge fund on Wall Street making that kind of return on investment. As a result, Flying Scarfs loaned them 51,000 Shillings ($637) at 0% interest - we like our odds:)  


FS is a 501(c)3 certified non-profit social enterprise. Click here to make a tax deductible donation.