Meet the Afghan Women

 "I sew to keep my children in school. I want to make a good future for Afghanistan." - Fahima, an Afghan Widow

The women of Afghanistan who create these beautiful scarves are from villages scattered throughout Parwan Province, Afghanistan. Many are widowed by war or mutilated by IEDs and land mines and are now raising their children as single parents. Despite all they have endured, these women remain optimistic about Afghanistan’s future. They want to see their country grow into a proud and prosperous nation that provides them with the jobs and education they and their children deserve. Their sanguinity is moving and provides us with the motivation to help the Afghan people achieve their goals.

Led by an amazing woman named Mahbooba, a social worker who helps create and find jobs, these Afghan women create beautiful hand-beaded scarves that are also sold in villages and bazaars throughout Afghanistan. At Flying Scarfs, our goal as a social/non-profit business is to bring these beautiful scarves to the rest of the world and provide a new global marketplace for the women of Afghanistan.

With your purchase, you are doing two things to help the Afghan women in our community:

1. You are helping a woman provide for her family; the sale of ten scarves is enough for a woman to comfortably provide for her family for a month. 

2. You are keeping young children in school. When there isn't enough money to survive, children are sent on the streets to hawk goods and cannot attend school. Families that participate in the Flying Scarfs community are able to send their children to school and purchase school supplies. 

Because of the security situation in Afghanistan, we are careful with the identities of the women who create these beautiful scarves. This is done in effort to preserve their safety. Our hope is that someday all Afghans will be accepting of a woman who works and provides for her family.

With deep gratitude, we would like to thank you for your support of these incredible women, and welcome to the Flying Scarfs family.