Meridian Collection - Green and Gold Meridian Collection - Green and Gold

Meridian Collection - Green and Gold


Available units: 3

The Meridian Collection takes our already-incredible neutral line to a new level, representing unparalleled luxury and some of the finest, most impressive quality seen-to-date in our collections. We're proud to offer our Meridian Collection at an exceptional price for the spring season. 

A tight, intricate weave on exceptionally high quality dense fabric. Multiple impressive patterns that are neatly and beautifully stitched in captivating golden thread. All of the luxurious comfort that warrants instant joy upon touch. 

Wear it to effortlessly elevate any outfit. Wear it to the chilly movie theater or to the office. Even wear it for protection from the outdoor elements. 

Each of our scarves is beautifully gift boxed, and your purchase changes someone's life. For our neutral line, we partner with a former US Special Forces translator in Afghanistan. 100% of the profit from your purchase goes directly to building a trade school for women in Afghanistan by 2017. 

Color differentiation:
Perfect Green is warmer and slightly brighter.
Pewter Green is more subdued with gray notes.

Length: 44 in
Width: 44 in
Material: High quality, dense cotton blend

Please note: As each scarf is individually handmade, measurements may vary slightly.

Flying Scarfs is an all-volunteer, veteran-operated non-profit organization.