FS is a veteran operated nonprofit that provides women in underdeveloped countries with opportunites by connecting them with the skills and resources they need to become self-reliant

Featured Products

100% of the profit from your purchase goes toward empowering women artisans and helps keep children in school and away from violent organizations. 

Kenyan Clutches

Tribal, fresh, and funky. We partner with Maisha International to bring you these gorgeous summer clutches from Kenya. Kenyan artisans are provided micro loans and taught to invest money back into their new small business. Every child who comes to Maisha's community center is guaranteed one meal for six days of the week. We proudly support their mission by offering their handcrafted, durable accessories.

School Project

Women's empowerment is at the heart of our company. That's why we partnered with the Zaanha Fund to help women in Afghanistan gain the technical skills they need to find employment or be admitted into local universities. Your donation will help them overcome the social dogma that has kept most women out of school for over three decades. 

Be Heard

FS connects the world's most underserved and oppressed citizens with others who understand the important role these people play in our global community. Your purchase or donation sends a clear message to the women and children we serve as well as the groups that wish to uphold the oppressive status quo. That message is that you value these women, their work, and their children and will not stand idly by as poverty and an oppressive culture deprives them of their rights and safety. Change is possible through opportunity and education. We hope you'll be a catalyst for both by joining our team.